Site Owners in Google Webmaster Tools

To make a user a site owner in Google Webmaster Tools, you must verify the user as an owner. (Good luck finding that in the documentation.)

By Matthew Malinowski, 2013-04-25

If you care about your site's position in Google results, it's a pretty good idea to have it set up in Google Webmaster Tools so you can keep an eye on various results-related statistics. Webmaster Tools also does very basic problem detection -- if a part of your site becomes nonresponsive, Webmaster Tools will report that to you.

Google Webmaster Tools has user classes: Restricted, User, and Owner. You can tell you are not an Owner when you click "Manage Site" next to your site at, and you don't see "Add or remove users" in the menu. (You also won't have access to "Users" or "Associates" under Configuration in the site's sidenav.)

To make your non-Owner account into an Owner, you need to verify your ownership. Go to, you won't see your target site in the list there. Click "Add a Site", and enter the domain for your target site. Before you do a verification step, click "Verify" -- it might just work if you are a verified owner of a subdomain of this site. Otherwise, do one of the verification steps, come back, click "Verify", and you'll be a verified owner.

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