Résumé as a Hidden Service

My résumé is now available as a Tor hidden service, for all of your anonymous resume viewing needs.

By Matthew Malinowski, 2015-06-12

You can now access my résumé as a Tor hidden service at uqpngv7jesiw4yop.onion, which I think is neat.

It's a testament to the Tor developers how straightforward this was: install and configure Tor, add a new site to nginx (see below), configure your hidden service, restart Tor, and away you go.

For nginx config, it's as simple as:

server {
    server_name $yourservername.onion;

    location / {
        root   /path/to/your/webroot;

There's all kinds of subsequent fiddling that can be done to configs, but a ~15 minute start-to-finish basic hidden service? Cool!

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