Forgetting FakeSMC

If your OSX86 box / Hackintosh boot fails with a "failed to locate SMC driver" message, you probably forgot to install FakeSMC. (I learned my lesson.) Here is how to fix that.

By Matthew Malinowski, 2012-11-24

On an OSX86 system, if a boot hangs on this line ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - failed to locate SMC driver, it probably means you forgot to install FakeSMC (or there is some other issue with FakeSMC). You need to get a FakeSMC.kext from some place and get it into /System/Library/Extensions/, then your system will boot.

FakeSMC was originally a netkas project. kozlek forked it to give software access to hardware monitors (voltage and so forth). Search around for "fakesmc.kext" particularly on, or if you want, get it from kozlek's fork.

To compile FakeSMC.kext from kozlek's fork:
Clone kozlek's HWSensors GitHub repo to disk, then open HWSensors.xcodeproj. In the top left of the XCode project window where it says "App > My Mac 64-bit", click "App", then select "Apps & Drivers > My Mac 64-bit". Click Run and it'll build. Go back to the local repo, open binaries, and there's your FakeSMC.kext, all built. (If you don't see the kext, you didn't select Apps & Drivers - it won't build the kext if you don't specify this option.)

Once you have a FakeSMC.kext:
Copy your FakeSMC.kext to a USB drive. Boot from your OS X installer USB drive or disk. Open Terminal, copy the FakeSMC.kext from your USB drive to your boot disk (a la cp -R /Volumes/$usb_drive/FakeSMC.kext /Volumes/$boot_disk/System/Library/Extensions/, filling in your drive names). Quit Terminal and open Disk Utility. Repair permissions on your boot disk. Shut down, remove your OS X installer drive/disk, boot from your boot disk, and you should be good to go.

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