Domain Registration

There are a raft of alternative registrars to GoDaddy, top among them Hover and iwantmyname. Whether for reasons of politics, taste, or user interface, it's a fine time to transfer every domain you've got your hands on out of GoDaddy.

By Matthew Malinowski, 2012-12-20

GoDaddy is (still!) the go-to domain registrar for many people. Besides their legacy of awful ads and weird founder, their user experience is terrible. It's impossible to get anything done quickly on their site - navigation's poor, stuff's all over the place, and they're constantly trying to upsell you to something, anything.

I use a subsidiary of Tucows called Hover (that's an affiliate link) to register domains now, and it's not bad at all. Tidy and easy to work with UI, nice customer service. They've got email service too, which is good if you need it. (I use Fastmail. That's another affiliate link.)

A worthy challenger to Hover seems to be iwantmyname. I learned about them from their sponsorship of They've got a similar feature set, including free whois privacy and basic DNS. They have pleasant DNS defaults for a variety of services, making setting up a new domain with Heroku and Google Apps quick and easy. They seem to have many more TLDs than Hover, with roughly the same prices for the TLDs they share.

No reason for me to switch the domain name catalog from Hover for now, but if I needed to, iwantmyname seems like a good place to go.

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