Copy Path to Clipboard in Finder

I found a quick way to copy a file or folder path to the clipboard in OS X Finder.

By Matthew Malinowski, 2012-11-30

Here's an easy fix for an annoying problem.

Open Automator, create a new Service.

Change "text" to "files and folders" after "Service receives selected".

Filter the action list for "clipboard", drag "Copy to Clipboard" into your Service.

Save your Service as something sensible. Right-click something in the Finder, go to Services, then select your new Service. Voila!

(Remember that any menu item, including Services, can have a keyboard shortcut. Open System Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts. Click the +, then select Finder, and name your Service. Enter your chosen keyboard shortcut, and you'll be copying paths that much faster.)

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