Portrait of Matt Malinowski

My name is Matthew Malinowski. I'm a technical architect and a technologist.

In 2015 I founded Palomarin to provide technical architecture and strategy services to mission-driven organizations and businesses, focusing on the web.

I've worked with technology and the web for over 17 years with organizations like SparkMeter, Emerson Media, RE/MAX, and Amazon.com.

I have an interest in business structures and processes, and a talent for understanding complex systems and improving efficiency through the use of technology. I have a broad base of experience across platforms and languages. I work with organizations that work towards the flourishing of a free and open internet, and social, economic, and environmental justice.

I'm an alum of The Putney School (’05) and The University of Chicago (AB’09).

I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I like infosec, birds, bikes, and motorcycles.

Matt looking through binoculars Close up of Matt's face while riding a bicycle Matt standing stationary on a motorcycle